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Full Version: XBox 360 Universal remote
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The XBox 360 Universal remote (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Xbox-360-Univers...B000AYTQ6K) will work on Windows XP and 7 with the standard Microsoft receiver i.e. the one using the eHome driver, though you need a registry tweak. You need to navigate to:


then change the value of CodeSetNum0 to 8, and delete the three entries CodeSetNum1, CodeSetNum2, CodeSetNum3. One reboot later and the remote works just like a standard Microsoft MCE remote, so you can configure it for use with XBMC using either the MCERemote add-on or Elitegamer360's registry script.

Well, it almost works: the vol up, vol down and mute buttons don't work, but aside from this everything works. There are some extra buttons not on the standard MS remote. I've worked out the button numbers, but rather than post them here I'll add the details to the "Remote Control Reviews" Wiki article.

Presumably the 360 remote will work on Linux/Live builds too, though presumably you'd need to do whatever the Linux equivalent of changing CodeSetNum0 is.

The 360 remote also works with my TV (Toshiba 42RV635DB) though only the basic controls are supported. As far as I know it doesn't work with DVD Players etc, and it can't learn IR commands like a true universal remote.

Does this remote support volume learning? If it won't control the internal XBMC volume, but controls the TV volume I would be able to deal with it.