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Full Version: XBox version: Can XBMC generate thumbnails, and also read .txt/.pdf files?
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I've been using the XBox version of XBMC for years, as it's a fantastic program, and turns the XBox into a a great all-in-one media player that plays everything you could ask for (well, except for Blu-Ray and high definition films, but I don't have those anyway),

But I do have a couple of questions regarding XBMC (the XBox version, I don't use any other version, so I don't know if these apply to other versions too).

1) How can I generate thumbnails for the .avi/.mpg/etc files on my XBox's hard drive? I know that there's a way XBMC can look online for thumbs but my XBox isn't online, plus most of the files aren't films, but are TV episodes, youtube or music videos, etc, with filenames that I've often wrote myself so they probably wouldn't be recognised by someone else's database anyway.

How can I make XBMC scan the files and create a thumbnail image for each file, so that the image is displayed in the file selector?

Sorry if this is a common question, but I can't see the answer.

2) Will XBMC ever be able to read .txt and .pdf files? XBMC handles pictures, music and films no problem, so I'd have thought that text and .pdf files would be easy to handle, but I've never seen this feature in the program. It would be nice though, if it was introduced.

Thanks for any answers.
Hitcher Wrote:http://www.xbmc4xbox.org/forum/

Oh right, thanks.