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Full Version: GTL Skin Preview
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first of all, i´m not a skinner but i tried myself an heres what i come up with.
Based on Confluence


Here with Music


and my Volume dings Smile

Is this the same image 3 times or is it just me?
I'm not sure I understand what I'm looking at...
?¿?¿?¿?¿? Im confused HuhHuhHuh what am i looking at here OSD? or home page

it ist the Home Screen.

First Picture with Musik playing. On Top the Infos of the Musik, bottom the Progress bar.

Second Picture Normal Screen with Mute Button on the top right.

Third Picture with Volume Bar.

but yeah the OSD will look like the same some day.

i know it is not as many pictures as most of the others can show but i like it i have only the problem by now that i can fit in the infos of the video playing in the top bar like i did it with the music info Sad

I hope you like what i dit to now.
same image 3 times
I get the idea, but not the purpose Big Grin

Not 3 the same images, see the topbar in 1st image(shows song information).
2nd image has the rss displayed at the topbar.
3rd image shows a volume bar.
So i changed the second picture to HomeScreen with movie on.

And heres the HomeScreen with a tv series on.