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Full Version: info missing when adding .m2ts files to the video library
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i've got some home videos in .m2ts format from a Panasonic camcorder. i added .nfo files manually with minimal info (title, album, genre, plot, year) as i've always done in the past with mpeg files.

the files are added to the video library and play just fine, but they do not pick up the resolution, aspect ratio, or any thumbnail. the only way i can get a thumbnail is if i manually choose the refresh the video information.

is there any way to get these .m2ts files updated in the initial auto-add to the video library?

i searched for .m2ts threads but all i could find was performance issues when playing them (which i do not have).
i converted these to .mkvs, same thing. converted them to mpeg, info like rez and aspect shows up, but the thumbnails are grey.

these are just 1080p vids at 29.97 FPS...is this an issue with dharma RC1?
Grey thumbnails is due to us thinking it's a valid frame, while it really isn't. Ie it's marked as a keyframe for some reason.
did more searching and it looks like it's related to this thread:


i'm having the same issues - that was testing beta2 where the issue still remained, i guess this bug with the thumb extractor never got fixed?
Well i think it did at that time (or atleast for most files). But it seem to have cropped up again. I've seen it myself.
ah, ok. i can provide a debug log when i add the vids (if anyone needs it).
looks like this is still an issue with 10.1? still having problems detecting screen ratio and grabbing a thumbnail for m2ts videos.

here's a debug log - the only action i did here after startup was navigate to home video "2011-04-24-00015.MTS" and manually refresh the video information locally (and it again failed to create a thumbnail, in addition to failing to recognize the aspect ratio and audio type).


strangely, some of the m2ts files update the information correctly but many - like this file - don't.

is this still a known issue?
haven't been able to fix this. some .m2ts files add correctly:


and others will not pick up the correct video information or thumbnail. won't even pick up resolution or aspect ratio, even after a manual refresh of the video information:

interestingly, if i take an .mts file that has this issue and covert it to an .mkv, it still won't pick up a thumbnailHuh
anyone know if this is still a known issue?
any word on a fix for this in a future release? right now i am trying to manually enter info/thumbs for all my .mts files. a lot of the time refreshing the video information still won't work...

i also noticed that you can get the video info (not thumbnail) to populate by playing the vid once...but the aspect ratio is not always correct - it will sometimes put 4:3 for vids that are really 16:9.
I have the latest version and m2ts thumbs are not workingHuh

Any idea on how best to fix this? I tried renaming the file extensions but no joy, would be great to see the length and thumbnail for our home movies as other media players do for the same items?

Advice for an automate solution to this would be most welcome