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Full Version: Video "glitch" (video example included)
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Please forgive my English Wink
The computer
IBM Thinkcentre 8173-kub
# IntelĀ® Pentium 4 Processor 540 (3.2GHz) with Hyper-Threading (HT) technology
# Intel 915G Express Chipset
# Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 900 (GMA 900)
# 80GB 7200RPM Serial ATA hard drive

It's not a beast but I got it free from someone who upgraded.

The TV
Toshiba 26AV500
Native resolution: 1360x768
Input: VGA

The problem

Hard to describe but it's like a transparent rectangle at the top right corner that moves a few pixels.

The video that illustrates the problem
To illustrate the problem I picked the first trailer at allocine.fr that had daylight lightning.

The video quality is pretty bad and frankly it's not easy to see Wink
It's a lot more visible on my tv.
Watch closely the top right corner between the 8.00 and 11.0 second marks.


If I set the resolution to 1024x768 the problem seems to disappear.
But then it's not the native tv resolution , I doubt that it's the ideal solution and I guess I would lose quality if I play a 720p video since the resolution is then smaller than 720p.

I don't even understand how I can pick a 4:3 resolution on this TV without getting everything distorted. I have read about 1024x768 Plasma tv's (I actually have one) with rectangular pixels but that's not the case with the Toshiba 26av500.

Anyway, back to the problem.
How to fix the problem on the 1360x768 resolution ?
Is this because of the video card "power" ?
The drivers ?
An XBMC setting ? (I have tried quite a few settings without success)
hard to tell from a video but i think you're experiencing tearing. play with your vsync settings.
spiff Wrote:hard to tell from a video but i think you're experiencing tearing. play with your vsync settings.

Thanks for the reply.
From a quick search on google about video tearing (I'm a complete noob) I think you are right.
It's probably that.

Now my vsync settings are set to "always enabled" and it does not seem to have any effect on the problem (I even rebooted 2 times just to make sure it was enabled).

I also tried the "Sync playback to display" settings without much success.
Tearing is usually across the entire screen, not a small rectangle.
I've never seen this before.
I played with the settings again today and noticed another strange thing.

There is a difference between "Always enabled" and "Enable during playback".....during playback.

There is a certain scene in a movie where the rectangle is really visible with the "Always enabled" setting. I played the scene many times and the "tearing" was always there. I switched from "always enabled" to "enable during playback" and the problem disappears from this scene....but unfortunately reappears later.

This is quite confusing.

Could it be a BIOS setting ?
Wait a minute...I'm more confused than never...

I have set my TV picture mode to "natural" with XBMC set to 1360x768 and then the XBMC screen appears to be 4:3 centered in the 16:9 resolution.

Is that normal ?
That seems pretty strange to me.
What happens when you turn vsync off or use the "let driver decide" setting.
bobo1on1 Wrote:What happens when you turn vsync off or use the "let driver decide" setting.

There is not much difference between all vsync settings.
The problem is always there.
Like I said previously there is a small difference between "always enabled" and "only during playback" but the problem is still there.
Hey guys,

Sorry to drag up and old thread, however I am also having this exact same issue with some of my videos?

Is only a tiny rectangle in the top left of my screen but Its annoying.

File specs:

When playing on MPC-HC the file is flawless (using coreavc and ffd show) but when I p,ay it via xbmc I get this bizarre tearing?

I am connected via HDMI to my 1080p HDTV and I have never seen this issue in any of my videos until today? Bizarrely today also saw my revision3 app stop working, apple trailers stop working too.

XBMCis set to pass through 5.1 and DTS to my AVR via hdmi and most video is dxva2 hardware decoded and sync is enabled.

It's very annoying a a google search brought me to this thread so as the other use has also posted a video of my exact issue I thought I would bring it back up rather than starting a new one...

Did this ever get resolved or is there anything anyone knows about this issue? Is this likely just to be a DVDPlayer issue as my other media players do t exhibit the problem?

Any help and ideas are welcome.
Thanks in advance.