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Full Version: Beta Bug Reports
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Please post all bugs from the beta here.

Show screens of the bugs and report your OS and XBMC version.

It looks like the add-ons screen has settings (big yellow box above) with nothing.

The smaller yellow box isn't consistent with the other screens.

Awesome skin so far!!

Also, check the BigList View while in Video > Add-Ons. Text overlaps...

(Other add-on screens don't have a BigList view?)

Not really a bug, but might enhance the browsing. INFOWRAP view. Is the fanart in the background drawn first? Is it possible to draw the small fanart first then the one in the background? That would remove a tiny bit of "flickering/overlapping"?
Is this a closed beta program? Smile
When starting a movie the please wait label on top right doesn't show on aTV and Mac using dharma 10.0

Also, update library dialog is shown when watching a movie.

when selecting movies or TV shows... i need to select: title, genre etc again. Is it possible to go directly to my library?

BTW: how do I get the featured film working?

P.S. This skin is amazing... replaced xperience already... thanks a lot for your hard work!
are you using mysql Huh

you need to edit a little the RandomItems script

find where it says <something> is null and replace it with isnull(<something>)
Actually it doesn't use the scripts that are bundled - just looks like Arcanthur forgot to remove them.
I restarted xbmc and it just worked... so no worries Wink

24h clock isn't working btw
There is no ON position for radiobutton in linux system (livecd, case sensitive). Problem is definition in defaults.xml line: 79:


but the file on zip is with all lowercase chars. you should something change, code or filename
Win7, XBMC Dharma RC2

It looks like shows with numbers don't have views applied correctly. For example, 30 Rock and 4400 both show Seasons as list even though SeasonWrap is set and works with all other shows. Same thing with Episodes, I have EpisodeWrap set but those two shows use the Episode view.
1. There is no stop button in the OSD, and also i think the pause/play button shuld be swapped.

2. Some dialog box titles are misplaced

You can also see that the skin can/t display polish chars in some places, even if the font has them.
Lockscreen doesent work, for entering numbers. Prolly not a bug though Wink
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