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Full Version: I need help with MyWeather.xml
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Ok, I have been looking and experimenting with MyWeather.xml trying to figure out how I'd be able to show the weather blade even if there is no internet connection. As it is it will show a dialog that says Weather- Internet connection required. At the same time that dialog appears the whole blade (ALL controls for this window) disappears. I want it to still display the weather window maybe just say N/A for every value.

Sorry if this is a dumb/n00b question, you have to forgive my n00bness.Smile

there are probably some Weather.IsFetched visible conditions that hide the info when there's no internet connection.
Thanks! I'll have another look around and see if I can find anything like that. I knew I was overlooking some <visible> tag of some kind somewhere.
I've also seen system.hasnetwork
Seems like this must be a built-in feature of XBMC. All skins (that i have installed on my system) do the very same thing.
I just need to come up with something so it is friendlier for non-internet having users. Maybe a skin setting that would change that blade to something else when enabled.

Thanks for the help but I think my own ignorance was the problem (i hope Big Grin)