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I started with a simple task originally, changing the color scheme, icons and backgrounds in Night, and share it of course (Original MOD DarkBlue). But suddenly I find myself changing a lot more things and my goals are becoming bigger as I learn skinning. I don't think this will end as a new skin or nothing alike, but it might end having a lot of changes, some added views and perhaps some views completely changed as for now I have some ideas and plan to make them reality.

So far the direction I'm taking is to try and make things more "transparent" (icons, menus, flags) and continue having the simple layout and style of Night. All under the White and Dark Blue color scheme, adding more customization options (like the change of color of glows and others). And the hardest part of all that I have in mind are the views, so far I explored with the modification of the jukebox view and want to take things further adding more dynamism to some of them with more elaborated animations perhaps.


- The teal is changed to a combination of dark blue with white. Color customization present as in Night.

- The icons are transparent PNGs. In the future I will try and make other packs. Customization options by user planed.

- All the buttons and glow are changed to dark blue or white according to the rest of the mod.

- Redo of the Menu windows is in work and expand customization options by user. So far "Nav Bar", composed of back and transparecy, you can change color for both and disable the back (on by default in Skin General Settings)

- The Jukebox mode has complete visual redo (textures, background and so) and animations added. Complete redo of theme and added animations planned.

- New set of backdrops and backgrounds. More conceptual than explicit images, artwork type.

- Purity Flags and customization options, 4 sets (custom set with frame by default), 3 layers (flag, background on/off, frame on/off), color user change (endless combinations). Complete Codec Flagging.

- Watched Overlays redo. Customization options by user planed.

- Volume & Loading images/animations redo.

- Sound theme redo (humor, more special effects, more action/game type).

- Qlock at home, only English/German/Spanish, color font user change.

- Panel/Slide/Showcase Views Modded for AVL and some other futures (studio logos/plot on-off/extrathumbs/gamesys background/more) in other views.

- Modded Views for Audio Books.

- GIANT Video Font, select through Settings>Skin>Movie/TV>Use GIANT Fonts for Video Player.

- Added Studio Flags to almost all Movie & VideoScreen Views, with option for Grey or Color flags, through selection in skin menu.


Install Instructions

If you don't know how to use Git and wanna learn read the faq from mcborzu.

- Create the GiT in X:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.night.purity

GiT Repo


If installing GiT isn't for you, download the entire files from here:


Copy the content of the compressed files to the folder I mention before. This file will get updated every time I update the GiT.


Studio Flags are no longer included with the skin, they are supported of course, but due to problems with special characters in Git they were removed and translated to a SVN repo, to download them just stop by Film/Movie/Game Studio Flags Repository, copy the files over to X:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.night.purity\extras\studios\...\

* There are only to discriminating variables for Studio Flags, Grey and Color, so there are only to folders, be it Film/Movie/Radio/Game or whatever Studio Flags, don't put them into separated folders.










Icons & Watched overlays

Purity Flags



Nav Bar


* First from Bottom>Up in each type is the default (the jukebox is just an example of a brighter window, not default)



Volume & Loading

Image Image

* The busy GiF is only preview, original implementation is transparent PNG.
Modded Views for AVL


Arcade View for AVL


* AVL + Slide/Showcase Extrathumbs or Arcade

Place the images in the folder assigned in AVL for the Fanart and name them (Application name)_extra1.jpg & (Application name)_extra2.jpg, eg: Bioshock 2_extra1.jpg & Bioshock 2_extra2.jpg. For the Arcade View you have the option for Multimage, be aware multimage will display every image in a given folder, so it's recommend to keep different folders for it if not it will show every image that's located in the folder selected.

* AVL + Panel/Showcase/Arcade Gamesys Fanart Background

Images have to be located in C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.night.purity \extras\games\console\Game System Name.png

Here you have some emulators icons & fanart you can use Emuxtras

You can get the complete list of gamesys from: C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\plugin.program.advanced.launcher\resources\scrapers\gamesys (open with notepad or other)

* AVL + Arcade Logos

Images have to be located in C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.night.purity \extras\games\logos\Launcher Name.png

* AVL + Arcade Trailers

The path for the trailers is the same as for the extrafanrt, the files only has to be named as Launcher name and the format flv.

Modded Views for AudioBooks



Tag Genre for the files/tracks as AudioBook, create an NFO for Albums (Books/Collections), here`s a TEMPLATE (right click and save to download), delete information/description of tags inside the fields of the Template.

Here`s a nice Tuto in How to set up the Album Smart Playlist for AudioBooks once you have created the NFOs and else, little more info into file structure and more in page 14.


Q: What you mean by "customization options by user"?
A: That by an option in the Skin menu or editing the color\default.xml the user can make simple visual modifications to the skin.

Q: What's the default.xml and were it is?
A: Its the file were much of the colors of the fonts and images is set, its located in C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\XBMC\addons\skin.night.purity\colors\

Q: What do I need to change in the default.xml?
A: Let say you want to change the color of the backgrounds of the flags. Inside you will find a line named "flagback" and the HEX number assigned is the color, you need to change the color and that's all, if you don't know what the hell are those numbers take a look here http://html-color-codes.info/. The names are pretty simple and generally they are related to the font or image they belong.

Also read Night FAQ

Every bit of artwork and other is under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

Credits go to:

mcborzu - http://forum.xbmc.org/member.php?action=...&uid=44509
ronie - http://forum.xbmc.org/member.php?action=...&uid=42570
^vhm-alex - http://ofsoundandvision.com/
*F4lc0N-6 - http://f4lc0n-6.deviantart.com/
ICONS etc. - http://icons.mysitemyway.com/
SoundBible http://soundbible.com/
chip http://community.mediabrowser.tv/users/1163 & neil18 http://community.mediabrowser.tv/users/240
fuzznec - http://fuzznec.deviantart.com/
djsmalley - http://djsmalley.deviantart.com/
donabi- http://forum.xbmc.org/member.php?action=...e&uid=1004 & Qlocktwo - http://www.qlocktwo.com/index.php?lang=en
Oddsodz - http://forum.xbmc.org/member.php?action=...&uid=50432 / http://oddsodz.com
Every user that helped with their ideas and input & everyone I might forget

Any critisicm is more than welcome, enjoy.
PHP Code:
<include condition="!Skin.HasSetting(vanilla_flags) + !Skin.HasSetting(original_flags) + !Skin.HasSetting(flat_flags)">color_flags</include>
condition="Skin.HasSetting(vanilla_flags) + !Skin.HasSetting(original_flags) + !Skin.HasSetting(flat_flags)">vanilla_flags</include>
condition="Skin.HasSetting(original_flags) + !Skin.HasSetting(vanilla_flags) + !Skin.HasSetting(flat_flags)">original_flags</include>
condition="Skin.HasSetting(flat_flags) + !Skin.HasSetting(vanilla_flags) + !Skin.HasSetting(original_flags)">flat_flags</include> 

Thats some advanced coding there Big Grin Seems like you're getting the hand of it! Not being a flags guy myself but do love the new flags!
I had a hard time figuring out how to set the layers, the conditions and includes are pretty much easy, once you point me in the right direction with the "set up" of the layers it was a cake coding wise, all I have to do is look at your work in the skin, so thank you again Big Grin The Codec Flagging take me more time, lot of research there, much was missing Confused

Hope other people feel the same about the flags. I tried to make it as flexible as possible so anyone can adjust them to their particular taste. I will make a thread in the "FanArt, Background Backdrops, ..." section to share with more people that might like them.
luv the flags great work. the rest is not my style. looks pretty depressing, post-apocalyptic, emo. well gonna try ur flags keep it up
Depressing and post-apocalyptic maybe, depends of the viewer, they don't intend to, originally most of them are political. But emo? nothing to do with emos.

This is emo "art" (if you can call this art). Freaking kinder garden drawings with pink and black / hearts and skulls.


Anyway you can change them.

- Auto rotate pic acording to EFIX fixed for all pic views

- Easier identification of color-object

- Some little random fixes
fix ur includesflagging.xml with this to avoid both hddvd and dvd flag on hddvd movies. edit the dvd image part.
            <visible>substring(ListItem.FilenameAndPath,dvd) [b] + !substring(ListItem.FilenameAndPath,hddvd) [/b] | substring(ListItem.Filename,.vob,Right) | substring(ListItem.Filename,.ifo,Right)</visible>

and may i suggest a new sorting on the flags order. VideoTypeHackFlaggingConditions, VideoCodecFlaggingConditions, AspectCodecFlaggingConditions, AudioCodecFlaggingConditions and maybe studio flags behind there again (either as own includename or as a image hack et the end of audiocodecflaggingconditions). i would also suggest that the audiocodecflagging order swaped with codec first then channels.

my version of night with purity flags
Thanks, appreciated, it was hard to set all that conditions. The ones that I'm not quite sure of are the audio, DTS especially, couldn't find any info of listing like FourCC type, so I guessed in most that I couldn't find anything relevant.
another issue that i'm not sure of. dolby digital and ac3 flags are showing on movies with ac3 codec. should both show or just the ac3?
The thing is this, DD is the commercial name of AC3, so technically they are the same. As now the icon for AC3 is setup to be shown only when its less than 6 channels and the DD always. I didn't realize that I missed the 6 channel condition for DD so thank you to point me out, I will change it to show only DD when 6 Ch as people associate DD with surround or alike.

Besides this will reduce the number of flags in some movies that was a little hi, as now they tend to be between 6 and 7, before 6-8.


- Corrected Flags showing in Video Nav

- Corrected "Director/Writer/Genre/..." showing in Video Nav

- Corrected some Flag showing wrong

- Font Clean up
You can check my git but I added a fix for the frame/back showing when not supposed to like so:


<control type="image">
            <description>Video rez Image</description>
<control type="image">
            <description>Audio Channels Image</description>
<control type="image">
            <description>Aspectratio Image</description>

Also due the same on the frame section...
Crap, already did that but in the hard way, took every view that was showing and didn't suppose and do it via My...xml or level (tvshows) for every grouplist. And still my solution didn't cover movisets because I was too lazy to research how to do it.

Thank you, guess I will have to "roll back" that changes and add your solution as its much elegant.

Also corrected "Director/Writer/Genre/..." showing in Video Nav, as I stated in the last update right before your post. Don't know if you have a better way for that one too.
Also I got a fix for selecting two flags at same time:

<control type="radiobutton" id="519">
    <label>Use Original Type Flags</label>
    [b]<onclick>Skin.Reset(vanilla_flags)</onclick> [/b]

Still going thru and 2x checking stuff, forgot to mention it's not on GIT this second but in about 2hrs or so..
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