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Full Version: Add another room to watch videos? Newb questions about XBMC on Xbox or AppleTV
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So I have been using XBMC for awhile in my living room hosted on a PC, and love it. I have a large storage array with all media (VIDEO_TS for movies, and .avi for TV series). I would like to be able to watch this media in my bedroom. Simple option would be to split my PC output video and send to both TVs, but that will require me to do some difficult wiring.

I am thinking my other options are as follows:

1) XBMC on Apple TV? (haven't found a beginners guide on what this offers, or how it works)
2) Older XBox?

Basically I would like to keep this new host platform in a closet, and control from rfremote, ipad or itouch. I would need to be able to mount my network attached storage (wired or wireless). If the solution somehow ties in with my main XBMC pc and current database, then OK. If not, that is OK also.

Can someone give me a quick outline on how this can be accomplished?

I was initially thinking pure Apple TV (no XBMC), but can't find any player to stream video_ts/.avi. Conversion of formats is not an option.

Thanks and I look forward to the education Smile
Usually rule of thumb is under 720 material go with XBOX and the price about $50 so that's a plus...

If you plan to watch 720 and above material then ATV or ION type boxes...
Thanks. Any particular model xbox?

Also, what are ATV or ION boxes?
WannaTheater Wrote:Thanks. Any particular model xbox?

Also, what are ATV or ION boxes?

ATV = Apple TV. ION = any PC using the ION chipset. The Acer Revo 1600, 3600 and 3610 are very popular but have recently been discontinued in favour of the Revo 37xx range.

The Revos are not cheap, but I would buy one. They have wireless built in so if you have a central file server they're ideal for use around the house.

Check out the ION Boxes I recenetly updated my living room from a X3 chipped Halo Edition XBOX to a Zotac ID-11 running win7 and xbmc. Its a great running little machine. I had that xbox in my living room and another x3 chipped box in my bedroom which both pulled video from my main PC. One thing to note is XBMC will not just install on a regular XBOX. I used to chip them and do split TSOP installs on them all the time, but its been so long I attempted one about a month ago and bricked it Sad If you've never done one its not something your going to want to learn now. With the Zotac or any ION just install windows and install the lastest Dharma release and your good to go. You can install Live on it aswell, but if your not linux savy which i'm not it was a PITA to customize to my liking. Also over wireless HD content will more than likely suffer to an extent.
Thanks. I will check these out.