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Full Version: Problem playing HD video in XBMC
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I am a new user to this forum and to XBMC. My computer's info is:

Windows XP SP-3
Intel Pentium 4 3GHZ
3GB Ram

I recently bought and installed the NVIDIA ION GPU because I wanted to be able to play 1080 movies. Before this I was only able to play 720 movies. When I tried playing 1080 in VLC or BS player the video would be very choppy and the movie would be unwatchable.

A couple of days ago I installed the NVIDIA ION. I tried playing 1080 movies but they were still choppy. A friend of mine recommended that I read this discussion: http://myhpmini.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=2331

After reading it and following the instructions I was able to play 1080 movies in the MPC-HC flawlessly. I was very happy and wanted to try playing movies in VLC/BS Player/XBMC, but with all these players, the video was still choppy.

I've also tried installing the CoreAVC codecs but that still didn't help.

I think that I need to enable the same options from the MPC-HC in XBMC/BS player and so on but I just don't know how to do this. Can anyone help me please with this?

Thank you very much.
XBMC uses internal codecs. No need to worry about installing any. The issue for you is that XBMC cannot use DXVA in XP. Your options are either to get a copy of Win7 or Vista and install that (and then install XBMC) or try your luck with the DSPlayer version of XBMC (which you can find if you do a quick search of the Windows forum).
Ok nvidia ION is a system specific chipset for integrated systems that has integrated nvidia 9400M gpu.

If you have a 9400card in some system with the cpu you say that doesnt make nvidia chip ION... so your info is a bit off.

aside from that...

what you need is LInux like xbmclive or what I have on my signature, to get your sytem installed and working 100%.

Windows doesnt make using xbmc any easier may as well just use VLC which will handle all you playback needs including HD.

But if your looking for a HTPC only machine use what info on my sig and if you need a windows sytem then partition the drive and have HTPC in one and whatver you need on the other.
X3lectric Wrote:Windows doesnt make using xbmc any easier may as well just use VLC which will handle all you playback needs including HD.

That's a strange thing to say. Windows 7 (or Vista if you must) runs XBMC very well and on my Revo 3610 XBMC plays 1080p just fine. As natethomas says, Windows XP doesn't support the version of DirectX hardware acceleration required by XBMC.

Strange thing to say?

Thats the strangest comment Ive heard, ever!

Considering I have used/setup XBMC in all platforms/os's and countless different machines and have even co developed a install script, and since it was Just a Audio player.

Just the years of experience which is what I based my comment on, your right, I dont know what Im talking about. It must be starnge to talk from experience.

BTW even VLC does HD very well on his type hw just needs to have updated OS and updated DX..... If he wants to go XP, which I didnt say he had to, I suggested some alternatives other then EXPENSIVE operative systems. more then anyone has bothered.

Google has some good workarounds, so Ill leave it to you guys. **it works but it does require some mucking around. As does just about any setup under any OS. After all none are 100% free of defects or issues.

I cant believe some comments... sorry.

this is why I wonder if I should just pack it in and leave all the XBMC stuffs to whoever just posts for the sake of poststing and doing 0 research.

Read this http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows...sixty.aspx

it says.

Quote:Playback Requirements
The biggest challenge with HD in general is making sure that users can play back the files. The higher the frame size, frame rate, and peak data rate, the faster the computer that is required for playback. A Pentium 4 or Athlon XP running Windows 2000 or (ideally) Windows XP and Windows Media Player 9 Series is a minimum requirement. However, rating performance in simple clock speed doesn't present the full story, because memory, bandwidth, motherboard, video card, video card memory, video card driver version, and other components play a dramatic role in performance. Clearly communicating this to your audience can help avoid some user anguish.

And thats all Im saying about that.

peace out.