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Full Version: [RELEASE] RadioTime Plugin Addon - Free Talk and Music Radio Online (WIP)
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Started work on a plugin for radiotime. Basic functionality is there, but not all streams work correctly right now (xbmc issue?). If a station you're looking for isn't listed in xbmc, but it works on radiotime.com, then it's either streaming in an incompatible format, or is a restricted/device stream. I'll look into getting these enabled once I have more functionality implemented.

Grab the latest revision from http://gitorious.org/xbmc-radiotime

Install Instructions:
  • Method 1: Using git
    • $ cd ~/.xbmc/addons (%APPDATA%/XBMC/addons on windows)
    • $ git clone git://gitorious.org/xbmc-radiotime/xbmc-radiotime.git plugin.music.radiotime
  • Method 2: From tarball

    1. Goto http://gitorious.org/xbmc-radiotime/xbmc...ees/master
    2. Click "Download master as tar.gz"
    3. Open the archive with your favorite tool (I recommend 7-zip on windows)
    4. Extract the "xbmc-radiotime-xbmc-radiotime" folder to:
      • Windows: %APPDATA%/XBMC/addons/
      • Linux: ~/.xbmc/addons/
    5. Rename the folder from "xbmc-radiotime-xbmc-radiotime" to "plugin.music.radiotime"

Please test and let me know how everything works out. If you come across stations that don't stream correctly, pastebin the relevant sections of the log and maybe we can track down what's causing the issues.

Note: This is an Addon, it will not work with Camelot (9.11) releases.
Note: Shoutcast based streams may cause a deadlock on xbmc revisions pre-34711, please update to a more recent revision before reporting issues with these streams.

P.S. If anyone would like to provide a fanart image it would be appreciated Wink (Please include "Powered by <radiotime logo>" as per their licensing terms)
thanks man i was looking for this.

Working great so far, will let you know if i find any bugs.
First, thank you for your work. Second, sorry if this is a stupid question, how do i download/install it?

Thank's for your help
Would love to give this a try but (embarrassingly) am also confused about the download/install process for this plugin
procrastinator Wrote:Would love to give this a try but (embarrassingly) am also confused about the download/install process for this plugin

It feels good, not beeing the only one Rolleyes
I've managed to download the files, by downloading master tarballed file, extracted & thrown that in C/users/MyProfile/AppData/roamingXBMC/plugins/music & can see the plugin, but cant get it to work?

Am I doing this correctly? I've never manually installed so I'm guessing here!
What I tried doing was downloading the individual files from the source tree and sticking them in a folder named "plugin.audio.radiotime" in the file path
I couldn't see the plugin when I opened XBMC, so had a look in the default.py file and although I don't really know what I'm looking at I did find a reference to "plugin.music.radiotime", so I changed the name of the folder to that. Then opened XBMC, but still no luck in seeing the program. Finally I tried zipping up the files I'd downloaded into a .zip file, and using the "install from zip" command within XBMC, but it just threw up an error message.

So, erm, those are some things that don't work, and 3 things you don't have to waste your time trying!

Any suggestions welcome!
Sorry for the confusion, I've added installation instructions to the first post. Also, note that this is an addon. It is written for xbmc Dharma and will not work with Camelot
Thanks very much! will give this a try later
Just given it a try. The radio seems to work very nicely. I wouldn't say I've done an extensive test, but I didn't find anything that wouldn't play amongst the streams I would normally use.

I did have an issue with the podcasts though. They all went down to a folder stating the name of the podcast, but none of the folders I tried contained an actual podcast to stream.

There are a few features that it'd be nice to have, but I do appreciate that this addon is a work in progress so it might simply be that you've not got to the point of adding them yet. Anyway, the features I'm talking about are:
1. Search
2. favorites
3. this one's purely asthetic, but it'd be nice if the logos that are displayed when browsing the stations could be used as the coverart when the skin switches to the visualisation (I'm using Aeon65 which normally displays the coverart and spinning CD as the visualisation)

Thanks very much for this addon. Great work so far
Just trying this out, thanks. I can't get it to run though, get an error popup at bottom right when trying to run it.

Pastebin log: http://pastebin.com/tyTQR5ru

(installed on 10.0 final as portable installation, tried it with foldernames 'script.music.radiotime' as well as 'plugin.music.radiotime') - same thing.

Doing a search for a similar error gave me the following, bottom few posts look relevant:

EDIT: I installed the simplejson plugin, now works Smile
(got from http://ftp.heanet.ie/mirrors/xbmc/addons...implejson/ but I guess there's also an easier way).
Great stuff, going to be trying this out tonight and see if I can get the local radio going Smile

Thanks very much for this!

Ok, just had a quick play and its just giving me the spinning 'working' in the bottom right hand corner of the screen when I try to play Heart Gloucestershire, tried it a few times and it does the same thing each time.

here's the log;
Thanks so much, now that SHOUTcast has turned its back on the community hopefully your addon will be just what everyone needed!

As others have pointed out not all streams work, but one feature I'd really like to see is a search, the TuneIn Radio RadioTime app for iPhone has a very nice search that lets you search by station/show name or song name and is very useful for navigating the thousands of streams out there.
Workshop like a charm! Thanks a lot.
I have tried for the life of me to get this installed and just dont understand the instructions. Can you please be a little more specific on the install steps. I am using XBMC live install. I have this on my droid and my wife loves to listen to music from her home town. If i can get this to work the I might have a chance to use my phone.

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