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Full Version: [Dharma RC1] Not seeing all seasons of a Tv show
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i recently downloaded xbmc dharma rc1 and have Aeon MQ 2 skin.

Im having this annoying problem, i have collected nearly all seasons of show called The Joy of Painting, however xbmc seems to show only 9 of the 25 seasons i have.
I have setup the files as:
Joy of painting
-> Season 1
--> s1e1
-> Season 2
--> s2e1
etc etc..

Yet still i dont get the rest of the seasons, im using thetvdb as the scraper and it has list of all of the seasons. i have tried to reboot computer, reboot xbmc, reload show's info. it just wont let me get any more...

I tried to look up on the wiki and forums, but couldnt find any help.

Any suggestions? or does xbmc have somesort of limits how many items u can have loaded? or could this be a problem on the thetvdb side?

btw same is happening on my Dragon Ball series (only getting about 30eps visible),yet i have full lists of South park and couple other tv shows