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Full Version: [RELEASE] NPR (National Public Radio) Internet Radio Plugin Addon
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I woke up this morning and wanted to get NPR streaming on my XBMC install. I was surprised that an add-on wasn't already available!

Thankfully, there is a consistent, 24-hour streaming link (maybe it didn't exist in 2007 when this thread was started):

The above link works nicely in VLC player. However, I wanted it in a seamless XBMC interface. I wrapped it up in a very simple add-on for XBMC, using the ShoutCast add-on as a template.

I have only tested this add-on with Ubuntu 10.10 with Dharma RC2.

Since the Forum doesn't support file attachments [sigh] and I'm too lazy to sign up for the Add-on developer mailing list / Git repository, here's a direct download link:


Install instructions:
  1. Download the attached audio.NPR.zip file to your Home folder.
  2. Navigate to: Settings --> Add-ons --> Install from Zip File
  3. Navigate to your Home folder and select audio.NPR.zip
  4. A pop-up should indicate that the add-on was installed correctly
  5. Navigate to: Music --> Files --> Music Add-ons
  6. Click the link to NPR. It should start playing immediately.
    Update 12/4/10: Script now loads the Visualisation window after it begins playing the stream. Just hit "Stop" to make it stop playing.
Wanted to try this but the link seems to be dead. It links to a Google Code Error Page
Yup, that one worked. Thanks
It didn't work for me. I got the "installation failed" message.

Any idea why either programs will not run when I chose them?
Could it be that the links are no longer workingHuh
I use this pretty much daily, but when I started it today I no longer get the option for the live stream or the music stream. It's just the ... to go up a dir which when clicked is an endless loop.
NPR (National Public Radio) stopped working?

tried it on os x and kodibuntu no go.
anyone else?

i really like this addon hope it is not dead

thank you
Unfortunately I too am unable to get any NPR stream to play.  Sad I get an error when I select any of them.  
Here's the log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/26493717/

Thanks for any pointers...
Never has worked for me either.