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Full Version: Tracklist in Albumview with dialog?
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for what i've understood so far this


isn't possible in the normal way. (because the tracklist is only available on song level and the connection of these two lists is a mess)

But would it be possible to code a coustom dialog including the tracklist and let it fade in after a certain time?
Because the dialog would gain focus automatically it could be closed by <onleft> and <onright>.
Or is there somebody who has achieved to code the view above? As i know that was just a mockup of 'Black to visualize the problem.
Not currently possible, no.

oh no, and how about

1) making the view for songlevel to a dialog is that possible? or has it to be a normal window?
2) making the view for songlevel mostly transparent, so that the album level is shining through?

or isnt't the album view rendered and displayed, if the songlevel view is active?
Number 3, yes.
ok, i see...
... it couldn't be done in no way by now.
So the questions are: will it ever be possible? is there an actual plan to add the possibility to the core? is there perhaps something going on in this direction? is this added to the roadmap or is this something unimportant that will have to wait until there is nothing else to do?

sorry to bother you with this but i simply want to know.
It's planned. But I can't give you a date or whether it will be able to do all that you want.
I'll take you up on that.

thanks for quick answer... and even without this posibility XBMC is a great piece of software- thanks for that