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Full Version: how would you make this menu, breadcrumbs?
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I cannot find words how to explain it so i uploaded to pictures. (the writing is in danish, but that doenst matter)


(Lists are type="fixedlist")
Picture one:
I have come from the menu seen in the right, containing:
All (all)
Nyeste (newest)
Komedie (comedy)

I am currently browsing in the menu containing:
Family guy
south park

Now when i press right or enter i go to browsing in the menu which was seen on the right before, with:
Alle (all)
Sæson1 (Season1)

The Menu which was to the far left, is pushed out, and the menu with
Family Guy
Futurama etc, is now on the right.

Any good ideas of which approach to use when making this?
THe thing is, i want the menu on the left to "remember" where i came frome. So if i just came frome "Movies", "Movies" will be centered in the left menu.
Simple answer is you can't only one list of items can be visible in the media windows at once
I am very new to skinning, with media windows you mean the movies window for example? Sad

The lists on the left and right of the one in the middle have no functionality, so maybe they are not really "lists", and influenced by the restriction you mention?
Tv Level- only general TV info, can't press up/down/left/right or anything to get seasons or episodes. You need to enter that node to get that particular info...XBMC is built into 3 levels TV, Season, Episode. Same with Albums and songs, can't access songs when in albums level...

Really nearly every skin out there is pushing, or go beyond with scripts, what the skinning engine allows. If you haven't seen it in a skin out there, odds are it's not possible...
Sorry for the clueless question, but what does the reference "Breadcrumbs" mean?
it means the previous items stay visible you can see where you come from and easily get back.

Liek leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in the forest so you don't get lost and can follow them back out. Its an old fairy tale saying (hansel and gretal I think)
Is that how showing the statistics of the database on the home screen is accomplished? I have been trying to make a widget that shows the stats of music, movies, and TV shows and can't seem to get it.
Ok thanks for all the answers, and for the patience with my many questions.. Smile

I guess i should maybe go through all the skins i can find, and see if i find something i think i can use