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Full Version: XBMC's tag-reading capabilities
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As i know there are two ways to grab mediainfos for music files to display them.

1) take the infos stored in the database if your music is in there (scraped infos + some taged infos)
2) read out the tag of a music file directly

but i couldn't deny that there are some questions i couldn't answer:

to 1) How does ListItem.Property(Album_Type) work? is this only a scraped value or is this referenced to something in the tags?
How is it recognized if something is a compilation?

to 2) are really all tags accessable through xbmc? how would the label be?
is it possible to get album infos by tag-reading or just song infos?

i had several questions referencing to this topic but unfortunately i forgot some of them. but i will post them right when they come to my mind.

i think it would be great to collect all tag-reading capabilities of xbmc in this thread and also to take questions, suggestions and solutions together.