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Full Version: Adding a 576i custom resolution - Ubuntu
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Hi all,

I am new to Ubuntu (switching from Windows).

I am trying to add a custom resolution (576i) when connecting an ASROCK ION330HT (with xbmc installed) to a panasonic SDTV CRT.

I have previously had success connecting a laptop to the SDTV using powerstrip (Vista). Now that I am using Ubuntu I dont have that option.

I have used xrandr to try and add a 576i resolution (using --newmode, --addmode, --output). When I view the available resolutions using "xrandr -q", for the new 576i resolution I see the following:

[email protected] (0x19f) 14.0MHz
h: width 720 start 728 end 792 total 864 skew 0 clock 16.2KHz
v: height 576 start 593 end 598 total 625 clock 25.9Hz

Can anyone explain (0x19f)? I am wondering if that is an error??

Alternatively...has anyone had success with this and can offer advice??

Hi people,

sorry to push this up again...but does anyone have any experience with 576i custom resolutions in 10.04 with a sdtv crt?
Any help would be greatly appreciated...I have googled and played with a few things...but need to some guidance.