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Full Version: MPEG2 Playback Problems
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(LIVE) Is anyone having problems playing back mpeg2 SD or HDTV files in release candidate 2?
Bump. No one?
I don't have any problems with mpeg2 files, you could please describe the issue you are having with them.
Hi, Thanks! I'd be glad to. My computer is an Intel i3 system (H55N-usb3 mobo). I've tried this with the built in graphic card and a Nvidia 220GT GC as well. The best way I can describe the video playback is jerky, skips, jumps plays jumps again, with the audio out of sync. It does not playback smoothly at all. I'm using HDMI to my 50in HDTV. Don't know if it matters but this is the Live CD version installed on a hard drive. The mpeg2's are recorded using mythtv and consist of SD and up to 1080i HD.
Yes, I'm seeing something similar on my TV tuner connection (the tuner encodes as mpeg2). It almost looks like it alternates between slow motion and fast forward motion every some-fraction-of-a-second or so.