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Full Version: HOW-TO watch Hulu using XBMC and a Remote from your couch, without keyboard or mouse
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toddwv Wrote:OK, got it to run fullscreen. No go on the remote yet. I had to adjust the resolution in the .huludesktop file in my home directory to match my screens resolution and switched the x and y positions to 0. Wala! Fullscreen. I'm working on a sound problem right now but will try to get the remote up and running again. It's usable with a keyboard though and since a wireless keyboard is in my future, it's not such a huge deal. Not saying that I won't want to work the keyboard iss out... Right now, I'm trying to get the sound back on my Ubuntu install. Sound was only coming out one speaker so of course I completely broke ALL sound. Smile

If you have a little time I could use a quick guide to Hulu Desktop on Dharma Live - even if the remote isnt working - I use a long distance mouse anyway.

Are you using a Dharma Live on removable media, or on an installed Dharma Live?

I was able to get Hulu desktop to run on an installed Dharma Live by following this thread and the Firefox thread: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=68505

I installed all packages listed (huludesktop,gnome-desktop-data,update-manager,firefox-3.5) and then tested Firefox & Hulu so I'm not sure what is really required for just Hulu.

My problem now is XBMC is still receiving all LIRC commands, so whenever I press LIRC OK button, it launches another instance of huludesktop.

Is there anyway to make xbmc ignore LIRC commands after launcher opens a new program?
Anyone who has issues with this in Linux read this thread. http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=97005
I outlined how I have mine set up pretty well. It works 100% no stutter, etc. Only the gui is slow, but that's a fault in the program.
Got this to work, but how can I move this to Video Add-ons? Smile (Using Shade skin )
has anyone figured out how to automatically give the hulu window focus? and to give XBMC focus after hulu is closed?
falconfox Wrote:has anyone figured out how to automatically give the hulu window focus? and to give XBMC focus after hulu is closed?

i think falcon fox might have the same problem as i do. i run everything from my wireless xbox controller and with xpadder key emulation, when i run hulu desktop from xbmc it pops up full screen and fine. my key emulation switches to my hulu profile BUT it still controlls xbmc in the backgroundStare

what to do?
so i think im closer to fixing the problem, i switched the option of true fullscreen to whatever it wasnt on, cant remember. but now when i exit hulu xbmc is minimized, ugh
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