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Full Version: Upgraded to rc2 from rc1, have a feeling I am not getting add on updates?
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I know that we were all required to move to dharma rc2 to get add on updates again but I have a feeling something is not right, I upgraded from rc1 to rc2 when rc2 was released, in the system info section it says I am running dharma rc2 but ever since the upgrade I have yet to see an adIsoniazid update. Is there a sure method of testing whether I can update something or not? It just seems like an unlikely coincidence that the updates suddenly stopped after I upgraded. Tongue

Edit: just incase it's of any relevance, I used this method to upgrade my xbmc live installation.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xbmc
RC2 simply turned auto updating on by default. If you just updated we did not override your current setting - that would be rude.

See the left hand menu while in the addon manager.