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Full Version: Moving from MediaPortal - some newbie questions
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I'm currently using MediaPortal on Windows 7 on an Acer Aspire Revo 3610. I want to give Linux-based XBMC Dharma a try, since the interface is much snappier.

However, there are some things I'm still unsure of and I hope you can help me:
1. Is it possible to somehow interact with the database from outside XBMC interface (web interface, remote app preferably)? For example, correcting entries which were improperly scraped or not scraped at all.
2. I noticed there are some topics about TV playback. Is this only experimental (ie. requires a lot of work to even run), or can it be used on a daily basis? I'm using a USB tuner, X3M TU1100 to be exact.
3. Is there some sort of file manager plugin, to move files from one folder to others? In my current setup I'm using remotely-managed uTorrent for downloading and a file explorer plugin for MP to move downloads from the torrent folder to Movies, TV Series etc. folders. Is it doable in XBMC?
4. Also, is there a lightweight torrent client for linux with a web interface? From what I checked, Transmission and Deluge should fit my needs perfectly.
5. Being a linux newbie, is it better to download and install XBMC Live, or just do a full Ubuntu install, download XBMC from the repositories/PPA and after I set everything up just replace gnome with XBMC for startup?

Thanks in advance for all your help.
Well, Im sure someone more knowledgeable will provide more details... Im using Dharma RC2 though, not the one you will download normally.

1. I hear people SSH to it (whatever it means, never tried it), I dont use XBMC as a standalone, though it does work like that too. I correct entries in RC2 from within xbmc, no need to go outside, for most of the stuff that is, sometimes you have to do it from the outside.

2. I'm interested in that too, but got no tuner. From what I could gather in the latests news, there will be no PVR but I didnt get if watching normal TV would be possible or not. I'm sure someone else will give you more data on this.

3. Never worried to ask, as I said, I do torrents and manually transfer to the right places, then make sure xbmc scans contents and all that. If that were possible, Id like to try that too.

4. From within xbmc, using dharma rc2, there is a remote client for transmission. You first enable the remote webclient on transmission (you set user and password there), then get the transmission plugin, enter settings and run from programs. You can see what torrents you have and you can start/pause and even remove them. Far as I can see you can't set more advanced stuff like setting download/upload speeds, ratios or peers, but its good enough for me to see how the torrents are doing. Very important, dont try to run the plugin without first making sure the user/pass is working or it might lock-up (had to do a force quit to exit xbmc).

5. I personally prefer running xbmc thru Ubuntu. I guess its because the xbmc live doesnt work well (far as I could gather it tries to use the whole drive) with dualboot setups. Now, with the upcoming Unity in ubuntu I might give Live a try (or the xbmc appliance), but for now, ubuntu has always worked flawlessly for me, so why going with another option instead?

Hope it helps Smile

There us a number or web interfaces and media managers that can be installed.

There is a built in file manager in xbmc.

Yes you can use Transmission or Deluge
Quote:I guess its because the xbmc live doesnt work well (far as I could gather it tries to use the whole drive)

Not correct, the installer use the same partitioner as when you install ubuntu desktop.
if you're just giving it a try, why not give the win version a whirl? i'm running dharma beta 1 (waiting for final before upgrading) on win 7 - runs like a dream.

1. take a look in the supplemental tools folder on the forum, i used media companion gen 2 (standalone manager, think it's win only) to generate all the metadata for my movies, and most tv shows. been toying with xmww (web based) too.

2. haven't got a tuner so i'm not 100% sure, but i think there are special builds of xbmc you can download with tv tuner support for backends like tvheadend and mediaportal...

3. i used to have utorrent call a program called therenamer (via command line), which uh, renames the downloads and moves to either my main movies folder, or tv shows. but recently i'm using sickbeard (usenet) which does it all automatically. although i think i;ve seen it say it supports torrents too.
1. There is a web interface add-on available via the Add-on manager (system Settings) xmww, that will allow you to manipulate the db directly.

3. File manager is part of XBMC (slide out menu, press Right on System on home)
Thanks for all the replies.

@harry3001 - I just don't feel like messing with my current Windows setup. It's practically stable and I don't want to make changes to it and then revert back. With Linux, I can just install it to a SD card or USB stick and boot from that, without touching the other OS.
Also, it'll be a chance to learn something new.

Oh, one last thing - is there a network configuration tool in XBMC Live? Recently I tried it on a laptop and skipped network config during install and later had serious trouble getting it running.
there is a side branch for pvr. it works quite reliable with some minor problems. it supports several pvr backends like vdr.

this branch will get merged into the main branch after dharma has been officially released. up till then you can skip this or use the pvr-testing2 branch. there is plenty of info how to do this.