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Full Version: Vostok, a XBMC-skin by Inertia_
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a link to save time for any 56k users:

comments very much appreciated.
heh, it looks like bbci Smile

nice skin
wow, a fresh clean skin!

i saw some early pics of this skin, but the final stuff is looking very good.

i perticuly like the interface for the main menu, how it works, its different to other skins.

well done, another original design, even if it isnt ur design, its still fresh for xbmc!
nice, awaiting a first downloadable beta to try it out :agree:
just another wow...

looks very nice...i'll join striker in looking forward to a d/l'able version...

i like the skin.
xenon 2 graphics on the website as well....
great job - looking forward to the first beta Wink

i really like the fact, that we are getting some nice new skins
looks like the new settings system is starting to pay off Wink

keep the skins coming guys :thumbsup:
just an update to say i've finished the beta version of what is now called vostok.

i've updated the site with a few new pics - the most apparent difference being the bitmap fonts that are now crystal clear and perfectly smooth.

the download link is dead atm as i haven't assembled the archive or finalised the readme yet. expect the link to be active tomorrow at about 7pm gmt.
awesome, this skin looks kickass, cant wait to try it
now this will become my default skin when it's ready! (currently using hdtv).

looks brilliant. :kickass: :bowdown: :thumbsup: :idea:
hay looks great!
i always liked the look of this concept, but was never upto the skinning ability!!


i look forward to running on xbmc and seeing the confused look on my gf face when she uses it for the 1st time !!

ive also just seen mention of a bbc news script - would be cool to have the two intergrated in style/look !!

download link is up.

enjoy and, please, give feedback.
ok, just downloaded it.

my views. not critisisms, just observations.

is there anyway you could have an added background? for some choice. whilst i like it, it seems to "dominate" the front page a bit too much, and takes away the feel of a "media centre".  perhaps a choice of backgrounds in the package? i don't know. it's up to you Smile

after a bit of confusion, i managed to use the "sub" sectons at top and bottom of screen, by simply keep going left on my remote. got there in the end. Smile

i have my remote set up so that when i press 0 it brings up the "shutdown, restart etc". this comes up as small white words. (see screebshot below) any chance of a highlight with it, to enhance it?

i do like this alot, and may use it for a while yet..until another skin takes my fancy Wink

good work mate. let us know about a selection of "background.png" files, if you can ;d


i get a big grey section at the bottom of the screen while in config mode with this skin, other than that looks awesome, cant wait till some of the main functions ( ie the shutdown menu ) are skin'd
here is the background i am using atm.


here is the link for the .png

and what it looks like within the skin

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