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Full Version: XBMC Live with Hauppauge WinTV-NOVA-S-USB2
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Hi there, I've set up a new htpc for me, here the stats

now i want to add TV to my little baby with this: TV-Card

I'm running XBMC Live Dharma RC2 and i need to know if xbmc can handle TV with a tv-card

thanks a lot for your help so far^^
I think you should try http://www.yavdr.org/
istn't it possible to watch tv with xbmc dharma rc2?

i dont want to install a new os, i like the xbmc surface^^
Short answer NO. Live TV only works with XBMC-pvr-testing2 branch which is not yet merged maybe after dharma Smile

yavdr: you don't need to install new OS just add yavdr repo and install XBMC-pvr-testing2 and vdr packages more info at http://www.yavdr.org/

There are other XBMC-pvr-testing2 repos out there please search the forum.
Could you give more specific info on how to add this to RC2?