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Full Version: RC2 cannot install add ons
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Hi all,
I upgraded to RC2 from RC1 (apt-get update and apt-get upgrade), now it looks like I cannot install any new add on anymore.
From the release notes I'm aware of the repository change, but I thought it would have been dealt with by the upgrade, now I can confirm I'm on RC2, but the add-ons section is not working.
How I could do it again?

Thanks for the answers.
Debug log of you trying to install a addon please.
Here is the pastebin of the debug log:http://pastebin.com/NjwbUG9f

Thank you.
It seems as though your Addons.db may have become corrupted.

Could you try deleting your Addons.db from /home/xbmcuser/.xbmc/userdata/Database
Hmmm! It looks like it was that.. moved Addons.db to Addons.db.old and eventhought I didn't rebooted, I'm able again to install addons, thank you for your help... the installed add ons are still there and I can install new ones.