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Full Version: Music Screensaver
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I am running XBMC 9.11 Camelot with the Transperancy 2.11 skin. I do know that I can update to Dharma and also the Transperancy 3.11 skin, but for now everything is working just the way I want it to. The issue I am currently having is with the screensaver when I am playing music. By the way I am running XBMC on a Acer Aspire Revo.

When I leave XBMC at the menu or in-built menus etc it will default to a screensaver that I had chosen in the settings menu. If I play a movie, it dims like it's meant to. However when I play music it brings up the song track, title, artist on the lower left of the screen with the spinning CD-ROM. After leaving it for the allocated time when the screensaver will kick in, it just defaults to the "default" background (not even my fanart) and just stays there. That's generally not a good thing when you have a plasma as this could potentially lead to burn-in. I have attached a picture of the screen it just sits on


Thanks for any help.
Why not update XBMC and/or (at least) T! skin to the latest version to see if this fixes the problem?
I haven't updated yet as I am still investigating Dharma (only recently heard about it) and determining if I will lose all my settings with the upgrade to Dharma from Confluence. My XBMC is currently not broke, so the old saying applies here partially.