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Full Version: TheMovieDB and IMDB Scrapers - Trailer problem
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Hey folks,

I am running Dharma RC2 on Linux and am playing around with the trailer functionality of both moviedb and imdb scrapers. I can start playing trailers with both, from the addon configuration it says they come from hd-trailers.net, but I am having trouble, that after a few seconds the video stops and it starts rebuffering.
So I thought my inet connection might be too slow (32mbit cable), but I can play even 1080p ! trailers on my notebook on the same connection just fine.
I have set the addons to use 480p trailers, and I am still running into those buffering problems.
Anyone else experiencing this?


yes it depends on which movie though,,,

it happens to me also...

so when it does, i simply download the trailer manually

and i add it inside my Movie Folder...

So instead of streaming the trailer online,

it plays it locally from my Hard Drive without problems,,,