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Full Version: TV show file naming
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Apologies for posting 2 questions on the same day, but the online wiki manual doesn't seem to be very clear on this issue. I know that to get tv show episodes to import into the XBMC video library they need to be organised like this (for example):

--TV Shows
----Show 1
------S01E01 - Episode Name.avi
------S01E02 - Episode Name.avi
------S01E03 - Episode Name.avi
------S02E01 - Episode Name.avi

and so on. However, at the moment my entire catalogue is organised like this:

--TV Shows
----Show 1
------Season 1
--------1 - Episode Name.avi
--------2 - Episode Name.avi
------Season 2
--------1 - Episode Name.avi
--------2 - Episode Name.avi

Obviously having to manually rename every single file is going to be an incredibly arduous process. Is there any way to make XBMC recognise my current filing system?

Thanks in advance for any help, I appreciate it all!

What I would do if I were you, would be to download a file renaming utility such as "Rename Master" and go from there. Your current naming convention can be fixed to be recognized by XBMC without too much trouble. You have the Show and season folders right. All you need to do is to rename the episodes. With Rename Master you can add a string to the beginning of your file name. So, take you first show: 1 - Episode Name.avi
With Rename Master, add the following to all of your files in your Show 1, Season 1 folder: S01E0
So you would end up with S01E01 - Episode Name.avi
You would change the year number for all subsequent seasons.
Rename Master isn't real hard to figure out. If you choose to go that route, I can help you out a bit.

You may also be able to use just one renaming utility and let it go through and rename all of your episodes in one shot. You can give "TVRename" a shot. It may be able to pick up your episode numbers since they are in show and season folders. I would pick one show and let it try to sort things out. It will show you what changes it will make before it does anything and you can tell it go ahead or stop.
Another app you could try would be "TVRenamer". It has an option to use folder names to determine what series it is working on.
Good luck with whatever route you choose to go with.

Mine are organized similar to yours, and I have no problem at all.

Here is the path I use for the tv show 24

all tv shows
Cop & Forensic Science Type Shows
24 Season 01 (2002)
24 - S01E01 - 1200 A.M.-100 A.M.

I pointed xbmc to find all shows in "Cop & Forensic Science Type Shows", it thy all showed up.

Hope this helps.
Or what Sho said Smile
Thanks for all the help guys, I've used "Rename Master" as suggested to rename my files to the style that XBMC automatically recognises - it works great, so thanks a lot, I appreciate all the help.