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Full Version: Absolute Numbering Help
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I'm trying to get xbmc to find my anime episodes and not being successful. Int is only recognizing part of a series and I have four on there right now. The folder format is such.

share\Anime Name\Anime Name - Episode Number.ext

I'm using the regexp straight out of the wiki.

I have prescraped the series information from Media Companion but not the episode because I have them all absolutely numbered. I then add the source and set it to use TVDB with the absolute numbering option set to true. When I hit enter it scans and adds all the series but only finds episodes for one and even then it doesn't find all of the episodes. Some of them are weird movie type but when I browse in the files through xbmc it can play them. They won't add to the library.

Any help would be appreciated.
My advancedsettings.xml looks like this:

<regexp>\[[Ss]([0-9]+)\]_\[[Ee]([0-9]+)([^\\/]*)</regexp> <!-- foo_[s01]_[e01] -->
<regexp>[\._ \-]([0-9]+)x([0-9]+)([^\\/]*)</regexp> <!-- foo.1x09 -->
<regexp>[\._ \-][Ss]([0-9]+)[\.\-]?[Ee]([0-9]+)([^\\/]*)</regexp> <!-- foo s01e01, foo.s01.e01, foo.s01-e01 -->
<regexp>[\._ \-]([0-9]+)()([\._ \ \-][^\\/]*)</regexp> <!-- foo 103, foo 104-105, Absolute Episode without Season -->
<regexp>[\._ \-]([0-9]+)([0-9][0-9])([\._ \-][^\\/]*)</regexp> <!-- foo.103 -->
<regexp>[\._ \-]p(?:ar)?t[._ -]()([ivxlcdm]+)([\._ \-][^\\/]*)</regexp> <!-- Pt.I, Part XIV -->

I found the section in bold in the forum a while back. I can't remember where, but it works for me every time.
Still not successful. I learned about regexp recently and the ones suggested for xbmc just don't make sense to me. Maybe with a general guide to how it need to be in xbmc would help.
Does it only have to match part of the file name or all of it? Does it go by groups for season and episode? Is there anything else to know?
You need to add a Season folder.

share\Anime Name\Season 1\Anime Name - Episode Number.ext
That didn't help either. Its really weird because it finds 40 something episodes for one series but nothing else from that share. Most of the files are .avi but there are some .mkv and .ogg I'm really at a loss as to why. Any other suggestions?
Did you restart XBMC after making changes to your advancedsettings.xml file? You should also try removing the anime from your library and "clean your database" in the Video section of Settings.
I have only this on my advancedsettings and its been working for me with thetvdb scraper and absolute numbering on for anime folder.
Im letting xbmc do scraping for normal tvshows for time being since this works for me.

<tvshowmatching action="append"> <!-- XBMC has tried now its our turn again -->
<regexp>[/\._ \-]()([0-9]+)(-[0-9]+)?</regexp>

Basically this works after xbmc has scraped files and then it tries this on those it couldn't scrape like anime files with absolute numbering, just remember that you need to have absolute numbering on for your anime folder otherwise xbmc sees them and ignores this.
Still no luck at all. Would getting any logs or anything help?
I figured it out. I feel like an idiot. My advanced settings was in the XBMC folder not the XBMC\UserData. >.<