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Full Version: Easier way to switch / toggle between video files?
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Scenario (all done via the remote and with Videos in "file view"):
1. Wife and I are watching House S01E01 via XBMC.
2. Mother in-law calls and I pause House S01E01 until wife comes back (god knows when that'll be...).
3. I back out of the "TV Shows \ House \ Season 01" folder and into "Movies \ HD \" folder and start watching Watchmen.
4. Wife finally gets done yapping and I stop Watchmen and browse back to the House S01E01 file we were watching.

Now what I'm looking for is the easiest way of switching back to House S01E01 from Watchman. What I currently do is:
1. Prior to selecting Watchman, I add it to the queue (via "0" on the remote) then go to Context Menu, switch to "Now Playing" and select Watchman from the queue.
2. When I want to switch back to House S01E01, I stop Watchman and I'm in "Now Playing" still. I select House S01E01 and start playing it.
3. When we're done watching House S01E01, I'm still in "Now Playing" and I have to toggle out of it.

So, the question is: Is there an easier way to switch between the two most recently played video files (think Alt+Tab if you're a Windows user)?