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Full Version: Music Scraping & the database
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Using Camelot latest stable release

Previously I was displaying all of the metadata for my music on my iPad interface including cover art, fan art, discography, artist history ect. I started seeing new stuff not scraping correctly so reinstalled XBMC and deleted my databases.

Now entire database tables that used to get populated dont now. No fanart is fetched, no biography or discography information is scraped. All I get are the artist names, albums, songs and disc art.

Did something change w/ the scraper or the pages it was scraping recently?

So, for example:

Select my artist list

select artist.idArtist, strArtist FROM artist ORDER BY UPPER(REPLACE(strArtist, 'The ', '')) ASC

Now select all albums from that artist

SELECT idAlbum, strAlbum, idArtist, strArtist, strThumb, iYear FROM albumview WHERE idArtist=$artistid ORDER BY strAlbum ASC

And select bio info

select strArtist, strBiography FROM artistinfo, artist WHERE artist.idArtist = artistinfo.idArtist AND artistinfo.idArtist=$artistid

And once selecting an album show the song list

select 'XBMCSONG',idSong, strTitle, strPath, strFileName ,idAlbum ,strArtist, idArtist, iTrack-1, 'ENDRECORD' from songview where idArtist = $artistid and idAlbum = $albumid and strTitle != '' order by iTrack, idSong

and the artist and album info

select strAlbum, strReview, strThumb, strBiography FROM albumview, artistinfo WHERE artistinfo.idArtist = $artistid AND idAlbum = $albumid

I used to get enough metadata in the database to do this: