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Full Version: [Help] Movie Sets in favourited smart playlists are ignored
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I am trying to get my movies played by random - using favourited smart playlists in the home window. There are no problems setting up the playlists as favourites, and playing the items inside randomly - if i right click the playlist and choose play.

However, the problems start when I add the play list to the home menu and it plays automatically (as intended). All movie inside movie sets are ignored.

To exemplify, I have a bunch of cartoons, some of them disney movies some are not. All the disney movies belong to a set, and are thus not included in the home menu favourited play list.

I hope someone can help, it is driving me nuts Smile
it's not a skin issue...so i'll leave it to the devs...

i can conform movie sets are skipped when you start a playlist from favourites.

since the default action is view instead of play, i manually added this to favourites.xml to test:
<favourite name="pixar">PlayMedia(&quot;special://profile/playlists/video/pixar.xsp&quot;)</favourite>
Thx for the quick reply, and skin also. Ill wait and hope to see if a general answer appear.