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Full Version: Who else keeps checking the Fusion forum daily?
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Have been checking this section daily to see if this skin has been released!!

I genuinely can't wait!

Am I alone in this or are there others?!?!

Doesn't help that I am snowed in and have very little to do!!
You're not alone.
+1 for me has well, I check a couple of times a day.
me too Smile
yup, me too.
really looking forward to giving it a try!
nah your not the only one checking on a regular basis, no doubt it will be worth
the wait.
been waiting for this ever since i saw it first time on the team blackbolt website..
me too.....
Same here. Hope it wont be delayed.
Me too, and god for some reason I really feel the most amazing right now. Not entirely due to Focus but I just had to share this (God, after reading that again it sounds horrible but wth)
same over here, ...checking it daily.
OK, who isn't checking it daily? Big Grin
Thank god it's not just me... was starting to wonder if I needed to get out more!
Maybe we should rename this thread in "Fusion Junkies"
Smile Smile
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