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Full Version: Zotac Mag Clean install XBMC Live 10 no HDMI SOUND!
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Can anyone help. I have done a clean install of Dharma live 10 to my Zotac Mag. Everything works apart from sound. There is no sound at all. I have hdmi set as the audio output and passthru output.

FYI, none of the other settings work either.

Please help as without sound I will have to resort to the Windoze installation of Dharma 10 that works fine.

My setup is Zotac Mag -> HDMI -> Sony STR-DG820 AMP -> HDMI -> Philips 42" Full HD panel

I have searched this forum for Zotac Mag related articles but they are all 9.11 related and the solutions do not work.

Surely I can't be the only Zotac Mag user with this problem.

All help appreciated, so that I can get off windoze.

All that was required was to go to Programs and run the audio mixer plugin and unmute the IECx channels. Then set the audio output to HDMI in system settings.

Sound burst into life and Dolby Decoding etc. are all fine.

I just need to work out how to scrape Blu-ray movies to my library and we are good to go.

Hope this helps someone.

Thanks man that was my exact issue (i created an account just to keep this thread alive)
Hmm, I had this problem as well with the last release from one year ago. As I dont think that the xbmc-team just forgot to solve this problem, I would tend to believe that there is a special reason why we (the sound-over-hdmi-users? or the zotac-users?) have to go this complicated way to get sound. Can anyone bring some light in the background of this "issue"?

the unmuting of digital outputs is necessary due to alsa behaviour. that's why we have a graphical mixer add-on in dharma, and (AFAIK) the Live distribution and standalone installation now run a boot up script that unmutes the digital channels.

p.s. it's not "complicated", and a quick forum search brings a solution to this standard issue all the time, and the procedure is written in detail in the wiki articles.
Thank you very much for the information and explanation.

Ok, this time it was not complicated, because I knew what I had to search for. But if you have a look at the thread-owner you can see that is not that easy. And last year it was complicated (at least for me), because I could hardly find any information, then had to switch to a console, start the alsa-mixer (that I had never heard about before) and unmute "IEC"-devices (from which I still dont know, what they are or what they do).

Anyway, I forgot to mention, that I also use the xbmc-live-version and still, even after your explanation, do not exactly understand, why I the IEC devices are not unmuted automatically when using hdmi-audio. Is it just not possible to configure it that way automatically?


a more detailed explanation needs to be given by the devs, not by me I'm afraid.
only thing I know is that for the next XBMC release (Eden), a much better alsa integration and handling of the various audio output options is planned, so keep your fingers crossed until then Wink

IF you really need more details, I'm happy to provide you with some reading stuff: http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/DigitalOut (beware: article in progress!)