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Full Version: Adding "Other Videos" on homepage
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I have a bunch of "Other Videos" that I dont want as part of my TV or Movies library (sports, home movies etc.). I have added a custom button on my home page for Other Videos but I cant seem to figure out how to add the content to it, I click on the button and nothing happens, I know it is probably something very simple I am missing but a little direction would go a long way, thanks in advance!
What system you on? Windows?
ya windows
For sports you can add them to your library using the following convention
/Episodes/Title/Title SyearEMonthDay (Subtitle recorded on YYMMDDHHmmSS).ext
/Videos/Episodes/College Football/College Football S2010E1220 (Broncos versus 9ers recorded on [EMAIL="[email protected]).mpg"][email protected]).mpg[/EMAIL]
They require a TVShow.nfo and a specific NFO file. This will prevent scraping of TVDB information

Just a trick I found out that not many people know about. mythicalLibrarian automatically names categories sports, sporting events, special events and news in this way imediately after recording.