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Full Version: Version 10.0 + ATI Radeon 9800XXL + svideo
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Hi all,

trying version 10.0 of xbmc.

Works perfectly on a monitor on the ATI but the svideo out of the ATI just sets the TV to crazy scribbles.

Have tried to find xorg.conf but nowhere to be found on the system. Where is it?

Doing a new config with /home/xbmc/xorg.conf.new I've added the following to this but no go...

Section "Device"
Option "TVStandard" "PAL-B"
Option "TVOutFormat" "SVIDEO"

Not sure that it is even reading this fileHuh

The TV screen shows the "Intel Inside" logo fine on bootup of the computer, as well as the XBMC logo with the 5 little dots underneath lighting up. Same as the computer monitor. But as soon as the computer monitor screen goes to the xbmc menu the TV screen goes nuts. (svideo)

Have tried to change the video in the settings section but no luck no matter what I set it to.

Would appreciate any cluesticks as to what to do or try here. Older TV only has svideo as input that the ATI has as output.

Hi all,

strange, the exact same hardware, I've reloaded with windows XP and loaded xbmc on top of this. Svideo output works ok. So just thought I'd let whoever know that this could be something that the developers look into one day. Also for anyone else who might run into the same problem.