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Full Version: upgraded to 10.0 now wireless speed crawls
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I upgraded via thumb drive to 10.0 yesterday, and use wireless for streaming from my server, which is hardwired to my router.

I never have any issues with buffering, unless its 1080p content.

I upgraded yesterday and was getting constant buffering every 2mins on a small SD Movie, I went through the whole install proccess again,but still the constant buffering. Is there a setting I can change?
I can run and watch the videos fine on my netbook windows version of 10.0, but the Revo is struggling mightly.

Anyone noticed this with the upgrade?
Sadly, I'm seeing the same type of issue. Apart from a lot of buffering, I also see extremely long startup times when selecting a movie from my video library. What I mean is I select a video and I get the "Busy. Please Wait" message. Most times, it times out 1-2 times in a row. Then it will finally play. Other times videos start playing back immediately! Have you seen this as well?

I'll let you know if I find anything about why I get so much buffering.
Yes, I am also getting the waiting logo, while it initially loads up the video.

I have been searching everywhere to solve this issue, have not been able to.

Were you able to setup wifi during the initial setup? I wonder if that is my issue, I have to manually enter the information for my SSID, and still it will be unable to connect until I manually set it up in the xbmc terminal.

nothing has changed in my setup except upgrading to 10 from 9.11.

I have been having this exact issue since updating to 10 from 9.11. Nothing else on the custom has changed at all. I have an Acer hooked up through ethernet to a wireless router that connects to another router hooked up in another room. It worked fine before I updated but now it sits at Working... For thirty to forty seconds before anything will start. They also randomly fail once or twice then will start. I have an old xbox running xbmc on the same router and it starts the exact same media right away every single time. Ugh.

How does one go about undoing the update and going back to what was working before?
I have been looking to go back to 9.11 as well I can't find the iso anywhere.

Oldest I can find is 10.0 beta 1 from the mirrors.

Has to be more people having this issue or a fix somewhere
I'm running it on linux through the livecd so I'm sure there's some magic command to do it but the only linux I've ever used is this one. I managed to update xbmc, but only by following a guide explicitly. I'm just not very well versed in linux commands.
Im having the following setup:

Win7 64bit with a shared folder, this computer is wired to the D-Link DIR655.

The mediacenter is a Asus Eee Pc 1000H using wireless network, with installed Live.

All the files on my fileshare is fully ripped DVD-movies in MKV-container (no shrink) and i dont have any problem with streaming or buffering as far as i can see.

Could it be something between your mediacenters wireless network and your wireless router?

Frank, Norway
gchase23 Wrote:I have been looking to go back to 9.11 as well I can't find the iso anywhere.