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Full Version: Freeze on exit in 10.0
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I just upgraded from 9.11 to 10.0 stable. Sometimes when I try to exit XBMC, the screen will go blank and become unresponsive. I then need to to go to terminal screen and sudo killall the xbmc process. There is no crash dump file that seems to appear in my home directory. This problem was not evident in 9.11.

I am using the ppa:team-xbmc repo.

OS is Linux Mint Isadora x64 (Ubuntu 10.04 base). This is a laptop with an Athlon 1.6Ghz and Radeon 3400. Driver is catalyst 10.9 (fglrx). XBMC 10.0 r35648

Thank You.
OK. After 3 tries, I managed reproduce the crash:

I tried catalyst 10.12 with no improvement. Finally switched to the open source drivers from x-updates ppa and problem seems resolved.

Performance is actually pretty decent with the open source drivers, and I can set the rendered to glsl with no issues.