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Full Version: [Mod][translation] and a feature request
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This is my first post here, so hi.

First of all Fusion is awesome, and I'd like to thank everyone who has been involved in it.

This skin has some strings that cannot be modified by editing the language file (a lot in fact). So I modified it to be more translator-friendly. You can translate everything just by editing one file.
I also changed some sentences like "Hide Icon2 view" to "hide view: icon 2". Because it's easier to translate (two words together, rather than separetely).
Another thing I've changed is the "featured" and "recently added" text on home screen to be in one piece rather than spliting it.
And the last thing - I changed the aspect ratio of background fanarts to "scale". I believe that this is the best way to display them, and I change it in every skin i use.
I also included the first two tweaks by RazorFR from the release thread.

I made a polish translation, and modified the english translation to be compatible with my modifications. I didn't translate the swedish one, because I can't speak swedish Smile

Feature request
1. A banner view for TV Shows - I'm very surprised there isn't one
2. UTF-8 compatibility. I can't get this skin to display polish letters, no matter what font I use.

//New version
- I think I completed extracting all of the text to the locale files.
- Lots of people were complaining about the lowercase thing, so I deleted the [lowercase] tags, and now it shows the text exactly how it's written in the language file
- Featured movies/episodes/songs change every time you enter the Home screen
- I swapped the play & pause textures in the OSD (it now shows the pause button while playing)
- The subtitles button in the OSD Launches the XBMC Subtitles script
- and some other little things I don't remember...

http://rapidshare.com/files/439850431/fusion_mod.rar (150KB)
Nice. Smile BTW, I get "By Actor" two times under "Movies".
What would I need to extract/keep if I only wanted the Featured Movie/Song/TV Show change?
why start modding skins that are in beta ? Smarter to wait
for a stable rel before doing to much work on mods since much can change on the way to final stable.
In home.xml above line 13:
PHP Code:
PHP Code:

then, in startup.php, find a line that is exactly the same as the one added in home.xml and delete it.
Thanks for your help.