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Full Version: [LIVE] Installing Patches?
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Running Dharma Live off an Acer AspireRevo 1600.
Everything's working (audio, HDMI, plugins, MCE remote, Samba, indexing, etc.).

Searched PPAs, installing, compiling, etc. but Linux noob here.

How do I go about installing this patch: http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/10113 [vertical shift]

Any help or info is appreciated.
No one?

Watching wider aspect ratio movies, e.g. 22:9, it'd be nice to shift the video up so that subtitles don't overlap the video.
i guess:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

im no linux guy, but that should update EVERYTHING in your live installation which has a newer version (nvidia driver etc and also xbmc).
I am not sure how the trac is working but I read it as this patch have not been put into the source.

If it I am wrong there is two ways:

1) Add the svn ppa and to update && install xbmc. The svn PPA contains nighly builds (or daily in a 24/7 world) as oppose to normal ppa that contains the stable version 10
2) compile from source your self, this is necessary if the patch is later than the latest svn build-

If I am right you have download the source and then as a separate step apply the patch before you compile. I dont have the exact procedure for this but unless there has been an conflicting code change in the same area manually merging the code with the linux version of "winmerge" should be fine for a quick test.
Quote: EVERYTHING in your live installation

Yes, thats why many of us push:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install xbmc
Well, firstly the patch must be applied on the source directory, it can't be applied on the binary.

As the patch hasn't been committed to the main branch, doing the PPA upgrade will not give you this patch.

So, you'll have to checkout a copy of the source and compile it yourself.
Now, a simple google of "patch file ubuntu" would get the exact information on how to do this step.

So, once you've checkout the source; the command to use would be:
patch -p1 < blah.patch