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Full Version: [Live] Network Shares Error 2?
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In preparation for getting a new Acer Revo 3700 running Windows I thought I'd test out XBMC Live on my Windows 7 laptop (I intend to boot from USB for XBMC Live on the Revo)

Live booted up great and feels nice and quick but I just can't see my files on my NAS at all - I get an Error 2 message when trying to set up the source.

I've seen some threads on here explaining the issue and with some code to try to sort it but others saying it doesn't help.

Is there definitely an ongoing problem with this or should I prepare myself to just run XBMC under Windows when I get my Acer??
Sorry - should have been more patient - its just a wireless thing for me - wired the laptop to the network (as my Revo will be) and all is fine - nice and quick compared to running under Windows too.

Just need to source my Revo now Big Grin