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Full Version: Audio submenu hangs up
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First off wanted to say a big huge thank you to this forum, finally got my sound and video worked out and everything looks great.

was running 10.0 Dharma then installed Xbmcfreak LiveCD 10.00 msremote v1 because i was following thedalmeny's thread about xbmc and Revo.

Have Revo 3610.

in both versions of XBMC Dharma that I have tried, an issue is occurring when watching video. Subtitles are on by default. When I go to disable them (hit green MCE button on remote then click the speaker for audio submenu) i cannot navigate around this menu, just hangs there. Funny thing is I can select the option below it to pull up the other submenu and i can navigate around that one fine and dandy.

Now my subtitles are permanently on Sad

anyone else having this issue?

Thanks in advance

but someone must know at least how to turn off subtitles forever in xbmc.

Still cant turn them off manually, but if i could kill them perrmanently that would be perfect.

Please help!