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Full Version: I can t istall xbmclive on Hard disk
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hi all,
When i try to install xbmc live on hard disk with the last live image
i get an error "no cd rom detected".
I have read more post but none with the solution of that problem.
Anobody can Help me??
"No common CD-ROM drive was detected"?

that is a ubuntu bug since maybe forever, happens on some systems for various reasons. there's a lot of options how to probably fix that, but easiest way is to try and install from USB stick.
Hannes The Hun Wrote:.... but easiest way is to try and install from USB stick.

I have tried from usb stick..the problem remain
I had the same problem with my installation..
This sounds wierd but it worked...
you have to use (hp usb disk storage format program) to format your usb stick(pick fat32)
then go thru and use netbootin and install the dharma iso.

I kept using the windows format tool and then read somewhere on this forum about using this hp usb disk storage tool and it worked like a charm..
then use netbootin to load your iso and put it on the usb stick...
then go to your bios and boot to usb and walk thru the setup..
This guys website helped alot (http://joel.thegoodmanblog.com/2010/10/2...nn-nt330i/

hope this helps.