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Full Version: No addons download on XBMC (Dharma official) Ubuntu 10.10 via Launchpad PPA
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I have several Ubuntu 10.10 64bit boxes. One of them is my main multimedia box. It's a fresh install from the ground up of the OS and XBMC. Others are test machines used for the purpose of verifying the problem. I also have a 64bit Win7 box used to verify (it is also used as a secondary XBMC media machine).

The problem I'm having is that no addons will download on the Ubuntu machines. On the Ubuntu machines they all get stuck at Downloading 0%. On the Win7 box they download and work correctly.

I've copied the .zip files from the Win7 boxes and installed them as addons from .zip. Most seem to load properly. None of them work.

I gather there are some dependencies. For instance, the GrooveShark addon requires simplejson (maybe others). I've copied all the .zip files from the packages folder from the Win7 box in order to install them all via .zip. They all appear to install properly. Few if any errors are generated during the installs.

I've disabled IPV6. It didn't help.

In testing, I've removed (by renaming the folder on each of the machines) the .xbmc folders and have verified permissions are set correctly when that folder is recreated. I've tested it on one Win7 box (that one works properly, though I get semi frequent messages about XBMC stopping--I'm not worried about that right now though.)

I searched the forums here and Google. I've asked questions in other forums at ubuntuforums.org to no avail.

I was able to get GrooveShark to load and it does present me with a list of popular songs (after a delay), and it will let me search for songs. Some album art is also sent with the search results. When I choose to play any of the songs, the dialog box says that Grooveshark is 100% and to please wait. Then it times-out and tells me that one or more files failed to play.

There appears to be a python 2.4 module included with the XBMC install, and I've verified that python 2.6 is the version installed on my machines.

Any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated.
Hi, I have a similar problem.....
I used xbmc from svn repository(Ubuntu 10.10) and i compiled it every time, now i decided to use PPA version svn (crystal HD module, is now natively supported).
With this version (ppa) i can't download any addons, i can only use older addons that i used in older svn version.
Please, any suggestion is well accepted.