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Full Version: Backing Up XBMC-Live Partition
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Hi All,
I suppose this is more of a general linux question, but what should I use / how should I backup my entire XBMC-Live partition?

After having an update break my XBMC setup, and dealing with the drama in the house from having it be down so long, I would like to ensure I always have a working backup ready (plus it's just good practice to backup, right?). I thought about rsync, but I'm not sure if it does entire partitions very well. I've also been looking at FSArchiver, but it might require a little bit of playing with fstab, which wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. The partition is around 100GB, but only 4GB is being used; I try to keep it entirely system files, no media. So I think dd would take forever and be pretty wasteful. I've seen Clonezilla recommended a few times, it looks like a pretty good option.

I actually have a second partition with xbmc-live installed, but it's difficult to keep the two installs synced. I'm always adding plugins and configuring new applications on one partition and not the other.

I'm sure a few of my options would work, but I would love to hear some personal experiences. So if anyone has any recommendations or wants to explain their setup, I would appreciate it!

There is some very simple linux woodo that you can use to dump a partation "dd" or something like that. I have not used it since I am more of a GUI tool guy.

You can make an image of the disk or partition with:
1) clonezilla - open source
2) Norton ghost - non free but possible to find enterprise boot CD 11.5
3) Acronis true image 2009, very nice I recommend it over norton actually.

Clonezilla can make a complelte recovery DVD or USB for your system. Very nice but the "GUI" is not exacly on the level of acronis.
I have been considering the possibility that we should upload recovery DVDs from the most common boxes with working xbmc soltutions...
I use Clonezilla on a freshly insdtalled xbmc, backed up to a portable h/drive. I have just started rsync.ing my home directory via cron to a seperate partition and will look to do incremental backups on a daily, weekly and monthly basis when i find the room (my rsync partition isn't big enough) currently.