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Full Version: Library not aupdating
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I need some help with the following problem:

I have 2 macs and 1 ATV
I would like to have one only library at least for the two macs.

I have done the first scraping and everything is ok on Mac1
Now I export (one - and separate files)
I import to mac 2 and everything goes ok.

Now comes the problem
When I add I new folder from mac1 i do the scraping and i add to the library
Now I'd like to add it to the mac2 without rescraping.

I export again (separate files)

The Mac 2 now sees the new movies with folder poster but i do not add it to the library until i go on it and press "i" to get info for the file.
than it takes everything from the local folder made from the export process of mac1.

I'd really do not understand why if it sees correctly from file mode it do not add to the library mode automatically.

Is there any script or option i'm missing?

Please help!
thank you