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Full Version: Slow visualizers when using PulseAudio
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XBMC 10 works pretty much perfectly out of the box on Ubuntu 10.10 for me, but i still have some trouble with PulseAudio.

When i'm playing music and running one of the visualizers, i notice that the input for the visualizer graphics is juddering in a weird way. It looks like whatever is feeding the visualizer audio data is doing so in short bursts around three times per second. On some of the projectM presets it's impossible to spot but if you switch to the simple waveform vis it's very visible. Maybe it has something to do with the way xbmc fills the audio buffer when using pulseaudio, but i have no idea where the visualizers get their waveform data from.

It's easier to show than it is to explain, really:

The only difference here is that in the second part i ran "pulseaudio -k" to make xbmc fall back to ALSA. Audio output is through optical in both cases, and i see the same behavior using hdmi output. I admit i haven't tried pure analog because i don't have the cables connected.

I tried searching for pulseaudio tickets in the bug tracker but i couldn't find anything, so i'm curious if other people are even having this issue? Both my XBMC boxes are Atom 330 / Ion boxes with 64 bit ubuntu 10.10 and xbmc 10.0