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Full Version: Audio failed to initialise after windows 7 suspend
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I have installed xbmc dharma. Running Alaska skin and everything is fine.

I have windows 7 running on an acer revo r3700. It auto logs in and fires up xbmc and works fine. From xbmc, I choose suspend and the revo goes into suspend mode. When the revo comes out of suspend and automatically goes back to where it was in xbmc, this is where the problem starts. When I try to play music or movies etc, I get the error failed to initialize audio device. 2 things fix this, the first is restarting xbmc, and the second, going into settings, changing the audio from digital to something else and back again.

Does anybody know why it only does this after suspend. My audio settings are hdmi.

Many thanks,

I'm experiencing the exact same issue on my REVO R3700 running Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

Any suggestions?
This drives me nuts, argh! I would love a fix for this!