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Full Version: Auto full screen in music playback
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When I play the music after a while XMBC goes into fullscreen mode. Can this timeout be changed?
It actually activates screensaver, and if you have enabled use "visualization if playing audio" in screensaver settings it goes to full screen visualization.

You can change it by modifying "screensaver time" in screensaver options.
Aha I see, thanks a lot!
It's not working, it's now running the screensaver instead of switching into full screen. Thanks for help anyway.
You can also just press "tab"
Spaggi Wrote:You can also just press "tab"

Exactly, I even have a remote button mapped to [tab], but I was wondering if it's possible to make it automatic.
Long Time no Answer to this Thread... Rofl

Is there any Solution? I am using the Aeon Nox Skin @ 12.2, when i play Music after 5 Minutes the Screensaver
is start. Is there a way to configure that the fullscreen mode is start?

Greetz Stealth

I'm also looking for a solution to this...
(2014-08-03, 12:46)boerkeboel Wrote: [ -> ]Bump!

I'm also looking for a solution to this...
Solution to which? You want automatic full screen visualization when you start playing music, or you don't want it to automatically go full screen after some time?

The latter is caused by the screensaver.