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Full Version: Codecs logos
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Hello, I just upgraded to XBMC 10 and I guess the latest Night version and I have a question.
I'm not really digging the new logos for the codecs (720p, 1080p, D.D 5.1, etc) and I much preferred the old ones. Any chance I can switch back to these? I've looked in the Night skin folder but can't even find the new ones...

And while I'm here, a big thanks to mcborzu for a great skin! Thanks for your time and your hard work.
Need a little more specifics as Night has evolved alot and has gone thru 3-5 different flag variations? By latest did you mean GIT or thru XBMC Repo?
XBMC Repo I believe (I downloaded the latest version of your skin thru XBMC Appearance).
In the old skin folder I was able to go to Media/Flagging and there was the pngs.
But in the new Night.svn the Media folder doesn't have the Flagging folder.
@ Aries - download from git and you will have all of the files individually and not in the xbt file.
Here's the link click the download button

Thank you guys, I now see all the folders.
I replaced the flags that I wanted but I still see the old ones.
My problem now is it seems I cannot even remove the old version of Night from XBMC.
Heck, I even moved the Night folder from the Skin folder and when I start up XBMC, Night is still on... Any idea?
You should have removed night replaced it with the one in the link then changed your flags or deleted the whole media folder in night skin replaced it with the one from the link and then changed your flags

If you did anything other than that and left the texture.xbt in the media folder where all those flags are hidden then that's your problem

The texture.xbt contains all the skin files that you normally find in the media folder you don't want both
So is now my only option to re install XBMC?
Try deleting the textures.xbt if it still exists and also delete the textures.db folder from \AppData\Roaming\XBMC\userdata\Database. Re-installing isn't going to help...
If you want to delete the skin manually you need to go into your addons folder and delete "skin.night" in there your also see another folder called "packages" go in there and delete the skin.night zip

Now you be able to download from addons or install it manually
Ok, I was able to uninstall Night from XBMC. So now I have my Night folder with my pngs all ready to go but I'm not sure what to do now?
When you install a skin via the addons, where is it installed?
I remember before you had to add it to your Skin folder but it seems it has changed.
It goes in your addon folder name the skin folder "skin.night"
Yeah, I figured that out 1 min after my post, sorry...
Ok, now none of the pngs show up. Here is how I have them:
Media/flagging/aspectratio/1.33.png 1.78.png etc
Media/flagging/audio/6.png dolbydigital.png etc
Am I missing something? Any idea?
I also changed the watched overlay for movies and this one works but not the other logos.
Ok, I figured it out. I'm all set.
Thank you all for your help!
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