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Full Version: ubuntuxbmc 10.10 won't mount usb drives.
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Hello , I just noticed that my new ubuntuxbmc doesn't mount the usb drives automaticly like my ol version (9.04), I just installed ubuntu minimal 10.10.HuhSad, did I missed somthing during the instalation or there's a way to fix this bug.
Did you upgrade or fresh install?

I use Live, however when I upgraded/updated to Dharma my setup also wouldn't mount usb Drives. I loaded Live from disk, USB's mounted auto no problem. So I did a fresh insatall got my remote and LCD and usbDVB-t stick working as required and automount working again. I also noticed the update wouldn't mount my dvb-t usb either.

Not sure what the problem is. I previously tried removing 'nodiskmount' from grub which has no affect. I also added the 'diskmount' option to my advancedsetting.xml, again didn't help. (search the forums for the later its there somewhere?).

Also note that I was able to manually mount using fstab.

If no luck the freshen it up.
thanks for the support, but I just installed the sistem like 3 times using ubuntu 10.10 minimal. but I think the problem is with the ubuntu itself since the usb are not mounted, I want to know if there's a way to fix it before downgrading to another version of ubuntu
Quote:ubuntu itself since
Strangly enough ubuntu minimal does not mount any disks. (strange for an old win user). It is normally done by the gnome desktop. Instead it is xbmc that is doing the mounting. The problem can be permission or a missing component. Not sure what you can see in a debug log but it should be your next step. Have you installed udev, upower and stuff like that? Have you set up any permissions? Did you install the xbmc-live package?
Thanks for the help
I did install the xbmc-live package.
and here's the command i used for the permissions.
sudo usermod --group audio,video,fuse,cdrom,plugdev xbmc.

the udev is also installed.
I have no idea about upower and stuff like that.
I followed the the instructions on this website
yes but the guide is for karmic (more or less)
as you mentioned the guide was meant for karmic, so I downgrade it to karmic.. everything is ok now.. thanks